Monday, 24 September 2012

Emotions in Photography


This picture shows that the little girl is scared of something. She has a fearful look in her eyes, no smile, and she is hiding behind something nervously. The colour is also in a dark/black colour which captures the idea of ''fear''.

This picture shows that the little girl is angry and is definitely not happy. She has a mouth open like she is screaming, her face is red, and her eyes are closed in a way that shows that she is mad.


The sleeping dog and the cat being together shows love because normally the dog would chase the cat while the cat run away. They look happy, caring and loving. The dog is not hurting the cat and they both look comfortable.


The picture of two cats fighting shows hate because they do not like each other. They are being mean and aggressive. One cat is pushing the other cat off the tree trunk, and they are both trying to scratch and hurt each other.
This picture shows frustration of a girl who is talking on the phone with someone. Something must have not made her happy because her face expression shows that she is either annoyed or stressed about something.
This is a picture of joy because the girl is standing with arms wide open in the air. She is looking up into the sky as though she is happy and everything is all well. The bright and light colour on the background also indicates the joyment.
The monkey in the picture shows that he is confused about something because he is scratching his head in a way that he isn't so sure. He is looking down as though he is trying to think and figure out about something that he doesn't get. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Graham Osborne

As an artist, Graham is a photographer who love taking natural pictures. He is a hard working photographer with many knowledge in photography. He enjoys working  outdoor and taking landscape pictures whenenver he can. Graham is a dedicated photographer who is very passionate with taking pictures.

His style is taking landscape pictures of mountains, rivers, plants, trees, weathers and so on. He works with reflections in water and make misty effect making the water look soft and slightly blurry. He also takes pictures on different times of the day with different colours in the sky.

He shared his work to earn a living by becomeing British Columbia's one of the best photographer. He enter his work in different magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, Outdoor photographer magazine, Beautiful British Columbia... As well as creating a book with his own photographs. He was a field correspondent with Equinox Magazine and shared his pictures. He gave workshops to audiences worldwide and exhitibited his pictures in galleries internationally.

Five pictures of Graham's I like best:

*Ice Box Canyon, Spatsizi Wilderness, British Columbia. Picture of misty waterful effect with blue background.
I like this picture because the soft, misty effect on the waterful makes the picture look really nice. It   gives a cool but somehow warm and light feeling when you look at the picture. I also like how there are lots of rocks and trees/mountains around the waterfall.

*Lion's Gate Bridge at dawn, Vancouver, British Columbia
Picture of Lion's Gate Bridge with emerald green light reflection on the water.
I like this picture because of the light effects. The colours, sky lights and the water goes really well together. I like how the sky isn't just one colour but mixture of blue and orange. The water has the reflection of a colour of emerald which I think is really unique and rare to see/find. The long bridge with many tiny lights look like little diamonds.

*Old growth rainforest, Mount Rainier, National Park, Washington.
Picture of Old growth rainforest with lots of tall trees.
I like this picture because of how mystical the trees look. They are all very tall and alike but each one contrasts from one another. I also thought it was interesting how the mosses cover the tree trunks; making it look green instead of brown like they should be. The leaves near the edges of the picture looks kind of like a frame and the small person in red in the picture shows how big the trees really are compared to a person.

*Marsh near Merritt, British Columbia
Picture of marsh with wheat.
I like this picture because of how the picture was taken. The wheats appear larger than they actually are compared to the small lake/marsh. The colours and the shapes of the sky, the water reflections, and the mountains make this an amazing picture. How the clouds are set up goes really well with other objects in my picture as well. Some parts of the picture appears slightly darker than other areas. For example, the big images like the wheat and the clouds, and around the border of the picture appears darker than near they appear near the centre of the picture (where there are water and mountains). It looks like the water and the mountains are glowing from the light.

*Sea to Sky Highway at sunset
Picture of the sea and the highway at sunset.
I like this picture because I thought it was really cool how the sky have different colours-almost like a rainbow. The sea is purple and the line of the road somehow looks like it matches the colour of the sea. The bright, glowing stream of light on the side near mountains make the picture stand out in the dark.

Blogging Criteria

To make a powerful blog response, you need a strong opinion to get your ideas in a best written format with little or no grammar errors. The more you take interest in what you write, and the more you know about it, the better your response will be.
You can effectively communicate your ideas by explaining what you think, what you feel, what you see, and how you see it. It is important to add details to your responses and develop your ideas to keep the reader interested so that they would want to continue reading. Organization is also important because if your blog response is all over the place, then the reader won't know what they are reading. The response should be in formal writing without any slangs to distract the reader. The style and voice is also important because without it, the response will be very boring to read. These would also exceed the expectation of blog response.

National Geographic 5

Description: This is a picture of Clown Anemonefish in Indonesia surrounded by coral reefs.

I chose this picture because of the amazing colours of the fish and the coral reefs. The brightness of neon-like orange makes the fish jump out among the green background. The background of coral reefs is unique to me because it is not just a simple, plain green. The colour of the coral reef starts dark green then to lighter shade of green- almost like glowing-. I think it is those colour contrasts that make this a powerful picture. Also how the coral reefs are not just a normal looking plant but has a  really interesting shape to it. The lightening on this picture is amazing as there are some dark shades and light shades to it. The most striking parts of the photo is how the fish stands out among the plants that are also somehow, standing out as well.

This is a picture of Clown Anemonefish in Inonesia surrounded by coral reefs.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

National Geographic 4

Description: This is a picture of Dessert Rivers in Mexico.

I chose this picture because of how beautiful the tree branches looked. I liked how the picture gives a tree-like shape with designs of expanding tree branches on the ground. The branches look frosted on the snow and I thought that was really interesting. This picture is unique and powerful because it's not an ordinary picture that you would normally find. It is not a 3d picture, but still the picture looks very real. The picture looks like there are flat trees on the ground, or maybe like a shadow but in colours. The striking part of this picture is that the picture, though it looks like tree and branches, is actually a river in Mexico.
This is a picture of Dessert Rivers in Mexico that look like trees and tree branches.

National Geographic 3

Description: This is a picture of a full moon illuminating the north face of K2.

I chose this picture because of how sharp the picture appears. The small light of moon in the picture is so small but it is so bright that the whole picture somehow focuses on it. Also how it lights up the top of the mountains makes the picture interesting and brings out more attention to the picture. This is a powerful picture because of how bright the moon shines on the sky and on some parts of the mountain. The brightness of the moon is the striking part of the picture.

This is a picture of a full moon in the sky with mountains below.

National Geographic 2

Description: Lava Cauldron, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I chose this picture because of the intensity in colours and how bright the centre of the lava is. I like how the lava is in the centre of the picture surrounded by rings. This is a powerful picture because the brightness of the lava and the smoke catches people's attention. The picture looks very hot in the middle but gets cooler as it moves away from the centre. I think that is also the striking part of this picture. The hotness and coolness, the brightness and intensity, makes the picture attractive.

This is a picture of hot lava in Congo.

National Geographic 1

Description: This is a  picture of giraffes and gazelles near Okondeka waterhole, Namibia.

I chose this picture because of how the giraffes stands out tall and big in the background while there are many gazelles that appear small below. I liked how the gazelles's antlers show up in the picture and how some parts of the picture like the giraffes appear like a shadow while other parts such as gazelles appear more real. I think that is also the reason why this is a powerful picture. The sizes of the animals and the shadings (lightness and darkness)  along with the use of same type of shading colours. The most striking parts of this picture is how big the giraffes appear compared to the gazelles. It sort of looks like the giraffes are looking at all the gazelles.

This is a picture of giraffes and gazelles near Namibia.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Content Theft, Internet Privacy, Creative Commons

Copyright infringement is when you copy or use someone else's work without permission. Includes the unauthorized or unlicensed copying of a work subject to copyright (google). Content theft is when your stealing a content that does not belong to you. Creative commons is when you have the permission to use and share the work. It's a nonprofit organization that spread the creative works for everyone to use legally for free. Taking stuff off the internet without permission is not right because that is their work that they have copyrights to. For example, some people worked really hard for it and have spent their own time getting it done. So they should take the credit for it. By taking other people's work or credit, we are not only hurting the person with the copyright but also all the other people like writers and artists who are losing their jobs because they are making less money due to copyright infringement. This leads to less artworks and entertainments produced for us to enjoy. Instead of ''stealing'' other people's work, we could use creative common sites to get what we need for free.