Wednesday, 19 September 2012

National Geographic 1

Description: This is a  picture of giraffes and gazelles near Okondeka waterhole, Namibia.

I chose this picture because of how the giraffes stands out tall and big in the background while there are many gazelles that appear small below. I liked how the gazelles's antlers show up in the picture and how some parts of the picture like the giraffes appear like a shadow while other parts such as gazelles appear more real. I think that is also the reason why this is a powerful picture. The sizes of the animals and the shadings (lightness and darkness)  along with the use of same type of shading colours. The most striking parts of this picture is how big the giraffes appear compared to the gazelles. It sort of looks like the giraffes are looking at all the gazelles.

This is a picture of giraffes and gazelles near Namibia.

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