Monday, 24 September 2012

Emotions in Photography


This picture shows that the little girl is scared of something. She has a fearful look in her eyes, no smile, and she is hiding behind something nervously. The colour is also in a dark/black colour which captures the idea of ''fear''.

This picture shows that the little girl is angry and is definitely not happy. She has a mouth open like she is screaming, her face is red, and her eyes are closed in a way that shows that she is mad.


The sleeping dog and the cat being together shows love because normally the dog would chase the cat while the cat run away. They look happy, caring and loving. The dog is not hurting the cat and they both look comfortable.


The picture of two cats fighting shows hate because they do not like each other. They are being mean and aggressive. One cat is pushing the other cat off the tree trunk, and they are both trying to scratch and hurt each other.
This picture shows frustration of a girl who is talking on the phone with someone. Something must have not made her happy because her face expression shows that she is either annoyed or stressed about something.
This is a picture of joy because the girl is standing with arms wide open in the air. She is looking up into the sky as though she is happy and everything is all well. The bright and light colour on the background also indicates the joyment.
The monkey in the picture shows that he is confused about something because he is scratching his head in a way that he isn't so sure. He is looking down as though he is trying to think and figure out about something that he doesn't get. 

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