Friday, 21 September 2012

National Geographic 5

Description: This is a picture of Clown Anemonefish in Indonesia surrounded by coral reefs.

I chose this picture because of the amazing colours of the fish and the coral reefs. The brightness of neon-like orange makes the fish jump out among the green background. The background of coral reefs is unique to me because it is not just a simple, plain green. The colour of the coral reef starts dark green then to lighter shade of green- almost like glowing-. I think it is those colour contrasts that make this a powerful picture. Also how the coral reefs are not just a normal looking plant but has a  really interesting shape to it. The lightening on this picture is amazing as there are some dark shades and light shades to it. The most striking parts of the photo is how the fish stands out among the plants that are also somehow, standing out as well.

This is a picture of Clown Anemonefish in Inonesia surrounded by coral reefs.

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